Monday, June 20, 2011

Rupert Grint growing up

Awww Ron... He's everyone's favorite character, isn't he? Like J.K. Rowling said, he's easy to love. That's so true.
Rupert Grint was an excellent choice for the part of Ronald Wealsey.. I mean, just look at him:

Wasn't he cute? I think he didn't change that much during these 10 years.
The only notable change was his hairdo throughout the years.

Hmm.. I like it when boys have long hair but no... Rupert, you're amazing, but this was just too much.
He really became a grown up man. Seriously, just look at him now!
To me he will always be Ron Weasley. I don't know why. I actually never call him Rupert, not even with people who know his actual name is Rupert. To me he really is Ron. I think that probably has something to do with his hair...

Tomorrow: Emma Watson growing up!

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