Monday, June 27, 2011

The cast members happen to be human beings!

Sometimes you have these days that you realize that the Harry Potter actors are people too... Well, not very often because they're more like wizards, but still. When you look at these pictures... I must say I was pretty shocked when I found out they weren't like they are in the movies.

Hagrid, where is your beard? Did you shave it off? And your hair? And why are you wearing muggle clothing? Does this mean you're not a half giant either?! What the heck?

This can't be true either. Rhys Ifans looks too normal. Or well... Normal in a muggle way. But Luna's dad would never look this normal.

Oh Luna... Just as bad as your "dad". No, I really think she's good looking. Too bad you can't see her teeth, she wears braces in real life.

No suprise... Everybody who's read the books knows Bellatrix used to be pretty before she went to Azkaban. But I must say... Helena Bonham Carter doesn't look that normal in real life. She's... Just like Bellatrix, actually.

No comment. It's just too painful. Why, Michael Gambon... Why?

He was one of the few death eaters I respected because of his hair. His beautiful blonde hair. But it's all fake. It's a freaking wig, ladies and gentlemen. Jason Isaacs is a POSER! Alright, he once said in an interview he just wanted the long hair so people wouldn't think he's Draco. But... Draco is like 30 years younger than him so... Why?

I know! Voldemort has hair... AND A NOSE! At first we didn't know what he was gonna look like, Voldemort wasn't even in the Goblet Of Fire movie trailer. So we only had the name and had no idea Voldemort would have this dumbass little nose and ugly teeth. But still... Now we've gotten used to Voldemort... I hope Ralph Fiennes will never ever grow his hair out again.

Don't tell me you aren't disappointed. I know you are, deep inside.

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