Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weirdest changes

A lot of things have changed in the movies. Here's my top 10 of the weirdest changes, in my opinion.

1. Dumbledore
Of course this was no one's fault. It's just a pity Richard Harris died a few weeks before the release of the Chamber of Secrets. He did a great job, he was just like the Dumbledore from the books, in my opinion. Michael Gambon did a great job too! But he just seemed too serious. But to me they're both Dumbledore.

2. The music
Remember the music from the first two movies? Where did it go? Hedwig's Theme wasn't even featured in Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

3. Voldemort's face
Chris Columbus had to know Voldemort didn't have a nose right? Even though the Voldemort from Philosopher's Stone was really scary and realistic... They should've gotten rid of the nose.

4. Professor Flitwick
No need to explain the whole thing...
First and second year:
After year 2:
Does somebody know why he changed into another person? No, he's the same actor. The "old" and the new Flitwick are both played by Warwick Davis.

5. Hairstyles
Just look at Fred and George. Of course this is a still from the Goblet of Fire. The hippie movie. You remember all the boys' hairstyles? So funny they only had it in this movie. I don't quite remember if long hair was trendy at that moment in real life.

6. Hogwarts castle
Well, I don't really have evidence, but I think it looked Hogwarts was expanding throughout the years. It seemed bigger everytime even though a lot of sets disappeared.

7. The uniform
Just look at the tie and the sweater... You see... The uniform changed troughout the series.

8. Minor actors
All the unimportant people like the Patil twins and other classmates seem to change as well... The Patil twins were played by actual twins in the Prisoner of Azkaban, but in Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix they were played by two girls who weren't even family.
Not to mention Hannah Abbot... And all the others.

9. Classes
Well, the classes didn't change that much, but they were written out. The first films were full of classes but we get to see less of them in every new movie. Weird, isn't it?

10. Trailers
Just look how much the trailers have changed:

First movie:

Last movie:

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