Saturday, June 18, 2011

Movie memories

Do you remember...

...When you finally saw Voldemort's look?

...When Harry, Ron and Hermione first met on the train?

...When Dumbledore got killed by Snape?

...When you first heard Bellatrix's prefect laughter?

...When Hagrid broke the Dursley's door, insulted Vernon and Petunia, gave Harry a HAPPEE BIRTHDAE cake and told him he was a wizard?

...When the boys had extremely long hair in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

...How Hedwig's Theme kept changing and became darker in every movie?

...How obvious it was that Ron and Hermione would fall in love after Hermione ran to Harry and Ron in the great hall after being petrified? AND DIDN'T HUG HIM?!

...That Peeves didn't appear in the movies?

...That Dumbledore's appearance totally changed after Richard Harris's death?

...That Professor Flitwick's appearance totally changed as well, for no reason though.

...How you saw the trio grow up? More about them tomorrow!

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