Friday, June 24, 2011

My favorite wizards: Fred and George Weasley

Oh dude, I love Fred and George. They're my very favorite characters and even though most people at Hogwarts think they're annoying... I really really love them.
And of course... They had the best scene in all 7 movies (I haven't seen the 8th one yet)!

I mean like... Just look at that! That's just an epic way to leave your school isn't it?
But now, dear people... A lesson in telling them apart!
It's not really hard though.
- Fred has a scar on his left eyebrow
- George has two moles on his neck
- Fred's eyes are futher apart than George's
- George has a deeper voice than Fred
To make it even more clear:

I didn't do a video of them growing up because I think it would be too sad with George loosing his ear Fred dying at the end. And yes, I will cry when he dies. I cried in the book too but I really don't want to see it on screen. I love Fred! It will feel like... Seeing a family member die... I just... No, please! I'll jump into the screen to save my dear Fred. I'm not ready yet to see him leave us.
R.I.P Fred... You will be missed. I can't imagine the Weasley family without you.

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